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The Robert's Creek Saloon

Our revolution is a quiet one. A humdrum evening around a fire, a pint in one hand and a bunch of ideas in our minds, with nothing but the world before us. That is where our revolution starts, now driven by our hearts and souls. The Robert’s Creek Saloon is born from an idea that nothing is set in advance. We set the originality not to impose boundaries or limits. And then begins an artistic community based on a collective approach, not a contemplative one. A revolution that invites each and everyone of us to play a role. Cuz it’s gonna swing! 
The idea in itself is a combination of seemingly contradictory aspects. The Robert’s Creek Saloon refers to the image of a hippie in a bar full of rednecks. Robert’s Creek is a village located on the Sunshine Coast, in British Colombia. It’s a community of artists, living lightness and harmony with nature. And, we figure out how this saloon may look like: festive, upright piano, unbridled and prohibited atmosphere, smoky mood. At the margin. The Robert’s Creek Saloon meets with both the harmonious and the “trash”. A gap in our routine lives. The originality of a dream which will last. Bring your cordial, your hearts and bodies, our minds will merge into a single party. We play ska-swing. Join us and welcome to the Robert’s Creek Saloon.