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Jim Doxas

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About Jim


Jim Doxas, a native Montréaler, was born into an artistically vibrant family, his father a classical guitarist, educator and recording engineer, and brother a saxophonist and composer. Before finding the drums, Jim played a number of other instruments: piano, violin, trumpet and French horn. Working alongside his father as a recording engineer was Jim’s first love. This all changed in his teens when he was “forced” to record acoustic drums for his father’s jingles.

While studying at Montréal’s McGill University, Jim established himself early on as versatile percussionist. The pool of strong drummers and percussionists in the city heavily influenced him. Dave Laing, Paul Brochu, Bob Slapcoff and first teacher, Peter Magadini, all played important roles in Jim’s musical development. During his time at McGill, Jim was honored with Yamaha’s Rising Star Award in recognition of outstanding achievement as an instrumentalist. In addition, he was a featured artist at Carnegie Hall in a gala performance celebrating young North American talent. Throughout his undergraduate degree, Jim studied with renowned pedagogue and drummer, John Riley.

Jim has been heavily influenced by rock, jazz, Motown and world music. His work can be heard on over 150 albums and soundtracks, and he is a popular featured artist at jazz festivals worldwide. During the last several years, Jim has been recognized by way of receiving Felix and Juno Awards, as well as nominations for Academy and Grammy Awards.

Jim’s musical versatility has offered him a wide range of opportunities throughout his career. He also puts premium importance on music education by conducting masterclasses and teaching at various music academies around the world. His current projects include Riverside (in collaboration with Dave Douglas, Steve Swallow, and Chet Doxas), Oliver Jones Trio, and the Jim Doxas Trio. Jim is currently a lecturer and teacher at McGill University, while also balancing an active performance schedule.